What is AIDS and HIV really?

It is already well known that the pharmaceutical industry, also known as big pharma, enriches when people become ill by mistakenly presenting their chemically concocted and full of side effects drugs, vaccines and other dubious therapies as necessary and life-saving. Certainly there are exceptions where certain pharmaceuticals can be helpful. But only in the short term to combat a specific symptom, for example severe pain. But the pharmaceutical industry never cares about the causes of diseases. That's logical, because otherwise the huge profits would be smaller.

Both branches of the healthcare industry (the pharmaceutical industry and the health care system) depend in practice on the fact that the corresponding diseases they claim to treat do not disappear. Where are the pharmaceutical companies today without cancer, AIDS and vaccines? The profits break down massively. Identifying AIDS (or cancer) with as many people as possible is part of the core strategy. Politics should stop this? Where do you think the so-called politicians after their term of office again? Right, in leading positions of pharmaceutical companies.

Thus, HIV and AIDS are another chapter in the fraud and irresponsibility of pharmaceutical companies to humans.



The German Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote on April 8, 2018


"In the long term, AIDS medications can upset fat and carbohydrate metabolism, disrupt liver and kidney function, or attack the nervous system. Some active ingredients can cause a redistribution of adipose tissue on the body. The face, for example, becomes narrower, while the neck forms a flab. "


Now this statement of a mainstream newspaper is bad enough, but it is only half the story. These so-called AIDS drugs destroy the immune system, so to speak a chemotherapy for "AIDS" this unproven disease. The T cells fail their service and other immune cells give up. The first so-called AIDS drugs killed the Human in a few weeks, today it may take several years.


The Süddeutsche Zeitung also writes: "HIV therapy means having to take pills for life." Yes, of course, that's what the pharmaceutical industry would like, because that promises fantastic profits.


But how does it explain that our so-called AIDS patients are fully recovered after discontinuing these drugs and boosting the immune system? Because our doctors are magicians? No, our doctors are specialists in immunology and cellular biology, and they know the truth about a gigantic dizziness that literally goes over corpses. Stop being used as a profit maker to this unscrupulous industry, come to us and get a treatment that will make you AIDS free with a written guarantee. So what can you lose except your "illness"?


Proven facts hardly anyone knows.

It summarized a variety of immunodeficiency diseases and then called it AIDS. It was used for a test, which later proved to be fraudulent and for which the inventor was even convicted of fraud. Did you know that? But still, this test is still performed and is a safe death sentence for those affected. When people get treated with the highly toxic AZT, they die. Now, of course, they have responded and renamed the alleged AIDS drugs and toned down a bit. Now the safe death of pharmaceuticals is taking place over several years. But the alleged AIDS patients are still dying.


So again summarized: High-ranking scientists question the existence of HIV. The inventor of this so-called HIV test as well as the discoverer of the supposed virus were even convicted of scientific fraud. Nevertheless, this ghost persists stubbornly.


Of course, the pharmaceutical industry, with the support of the institutions they finance, such as the WHO and the media, is firmly claiming that AIDS is incurable, as it brings tremendous profits through this unproven statement.


For decades, our specialists treat so-called AIDS patients with 100% success. For this reason, the SCIO-AIDS Clinic gives a treatment guarantee.


Nevertheless, many people are so convinced of this widespread manipulation that they obviously accept the certain death.


The doctors of the SCIO-AIDS-Clinic repair the immune system, strengthen the cell metabolism and the patient is healthy. Every patient gets a treatment guarantee, so what do you have to lose? Your life sooner or later, if you do not avail yourself of this guaranteed treatment.


Why our successes are not published in all media? Well, every human being who still has the logical and critical mind can answer that question himself.


Unfortunately, many people have forgotten something crucial, namely to take their own lives into their own hands. These people trust their lives to a system that has no interest about their health. Of course we can not help these people.


To date, has never been a so-called HI virus, which is supposed to trigger AIDS, scientifically proven. But all the world believes this unproven myth. Why? Just think around the corner and ask yourself how much profits AIDS drugs generate. And who the most powerful industry on this planet? This is behind the HIV and AIDS myth - unimaginable amounts of profits.

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