How and where does the treatment take place?


In our Clinicum on the Philippine island of Samal Island. Why on an island in the Philippines? The Philippines has no industry, so the air, the drinking water, the food is completely unencumbered and pure.


In an industrial region like Europe we can not regenerate the immune system, this only works in a clean environment.


Many AIDS patients do not want to be recognized as such. That's why you come to us as rehab patients, at least to the other patients. Our clinic is located in a community area of ​​a connected, further clinic for various diseases. Nobody will know that you come to us as an AIDS patient. Due to many statements of those affected who would like to come to us incognito, we have introduced this procedure. So you do not have to worry about glances, talk or anything like that. Your patient information is strictly under wraps and will never be shared with third parties.


You are accommodated in a private beach house with terrace, air conditioning, internet on our clinic grounds.


Treatment prices can be found below.

Treatment prices according to offer.

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