The SCIO clinic is a specialist clinic for immunodeficiency diseases. Our Immunology and Cellular Biology specialists are also members of the International Immunology Research Center.

So you are in the best hands. The treatment success of the SCIO clinic, especially in AIDS is 100%. Because our treatment successes are so great, patients receive a treatment guarantee that their previously diagnosed immunodeficiency no longer exists after treatment and that there are no HI viruses left in their blood. That sounds incredible? But you still receive this guarantee in writing. If this does not succeed, you will be reimbursed for all treatment costs.

The problem of most people in our time is that they no longer live independently, most people have their lives dictated by others. Most people allow themselves to be predetermined by a system and accept everything without the slightest doubt. The times in which people critically questioned everything and the instinct of explorers was still active, are long gone. The result we see now, we are in a time in which man degraded as a commodity. This particularly concerns the enormous profits of the pharmaceutical industry which does not even shrink from inventing diseases. Most people allow themselves to be persuaded of these diseases and thus become excellent customers of this industry. Everything for the profits.

We can not help these people, but we are very happy to help people who do not resign themselves to this, and who have retained their independent thinking and trust in independent science.

What is AIDS and HIV really?
Not what you believe!

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